Scott & Kim


From Rocket Science to Porn?

That's right... but the sequence of events goes like this.

I went to college, got a Masters degree in Atomic & Molecular Physics, and went to work at NASA's Johnson Space Center as a space shuttle engineer in Mission Operations. I went from engineering to fitness (my longtime hobby) after 3 years at NASA, and after 3 years of personal fitness training, I made the monumental lifestyle change to porn by moving from Houston to Los Angeles

I was well-received as a new guy in porn, being represented by "the" agent in the adult business, and working for some of the best companies right away. I worked for about 7 months, doing roughly 30 video scenes and 30 boy/girl magazine shoots before meeting porn actress Kim Chambers. A few months prior to this "official" meeting, we had worked together in an orgy scene in the video "Net Dreams", having only oral sex with each other as part of that scene.

After our official meeting, Kim and I hit it off right away, and after dating for 8 months, we decided that it just "felt right", which led to our very unique wedding at the base of Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas. And we've considered ourselves a team ever since.

My plans are to continue working in the adult business doing movies, magazines, Web sites, and more. And to have a hell of a lot of fun in the process! In the works are one more website... Team, and Kim and my video productions, which we've recently begun. Stay tuned for more fun, more sex, and more craziness from both of us!


Personal Stats
Born: Fullerton, California on January 11th
Education: Graduated High School in Palm Springs
Family: 4 brothers, 4 sisters
Height: 5'3"
Measurements: 32H-24-36
Hobbies: Being Active! Working out (aerobics and weight lifting), going to the beach or any fun in the sun, being in nature, pets.
Favorite Music: Especially fond of Techno & Jazz, but love stuff with a great beat and great sound.
Animal Lover: I was raised with hundreds of exotic birds around my house, and I had a couple of horses when I was a little girl, so I love animals. I have two Sugar Gliders now, but have had birds of my own, and a Rottweiler.
My Early Career
I started dancing at DejaVu in Colorado Springs when I was 18. I traveled to San Diego and Florida to help them open a few of their new clubs and to compete in Pole Dancing contests. I loved lighting up the stage, turning guys on, and showcasing my dance abilities. And I loved the attention. While I was in Florida I met Dyanna Lauren, who helped me get into the X-rated business.
My Transition into XXX
I decided to pose for men's magazines, and then adult films. I loved performing for the camera, and decided I'd keep doing it as long as I enjoyed it. I'm still enjoying it!
As an adult actress and feature performer I've been to Canada, Guam, all over the U.S., England, and to France. I've met lots of people and had lots of fun... and had tons of great sex! People tell me that it's refreshing to see somebody who seems to be having fun, whether it's on stage at a strip club, or on an adult video set... and the reason is simple... I LOVE what I do! I can honestly say that if I had millions of dollars, I'd still be in the adult entertainment industry!
On the hardcore side, I like to be in front of the camera because I get to have "detached sex", which I define as: sex for fun, with no strings attached; No worries, no pressures, no expectations, no emotional considerations. I'm in control, and I love to turn on and please men, which in turn makes my pussy throb. . . .
On the philosophical side...
I enjoy life, and I try to connect with people in an upbeat, happy way. After all, being happy & having fun is what's it's all about!

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